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Submission: “A Struggle Within” by Michael Parker

The full title of this short story by Michael Parker is “A Struggle Within, a tale of a child soldier.” It is at once both touching and eye-opening to the real experiences that child soldiers face.


“A Struggle Within”

Ahci had been normal, he knew that. But that was before… before… it pained him to think about. That was before the men came. Men in camouflage. Men with big guns.

            Ahci looked around the small tent he was in. He was sitting by the flap, looking at the small fire in the middle of the camp. He closed his eyes and looked deep into his memory. It was hard to remember now, after the hours of listening to the men tell him how glorious the cause that they fought for was. Continue reading

Domain Update

Hey everyone! Some of you may be wondering why we have no ads on the site yet, since the point of this endeavor is to earn money to send to help Africa. The problem we have run into is that the domain doesn’t allow automated ads like those we would be using. 

So, to solve this problem, we have bought a new domain for Uhuru. The new domain will look exactly the same in your web browser, except that the address will have the “.wordpress” taken out of it. It will take a few days to get that up and running, but I’m just letting you know ahead of time. The wordpress version of this site will also be around, with a link taking visitors to the new site. 

Thanks to all our wonderful authors and artists, as well as our readers and other supporters! Have a great day! 


Submission: “Freedom” by Leora Karoly

An original, dark but hopeful short story by Leora Karoly, age 16. 



            When they think of a lack of freedom, most people will think of jail, chains, locked doors. Teenagers might think of their parents, school, rules. People might think of prison, war torn counties, rules, or governments, people who don’t let them do what they want, people who hurt.

            I think of myself. Continue reading

Submission: “Music of the Heart” by Bre Caverty

This is a very original science-fiction by Bre Caverty, dedicated to James Caverty. 


“Music of the Heart”

I was an ordinary girl, once. But that was a long time ago. When my life made sense, when it had meaning. Before the end. When my world came crashing down, and everything that made up who I was became illegal. This is the end. Continue reading

Submission: “Freedom To” by Leslie

This uniquely-formed story by Leslie, age fifteen, is divided into six snippets representing different things that we need freedom for. 


“Freedom To”

I. be beautiful

She averts her eyes as she walks past the mirror, unwilling to see the face that would look back. But there is nothing wrong with her; she is no less beautiful than everybody else. She would not believe it if you told her, though. Images have been drilled into her head since she was young, images of what she now thinks she should look like.

But they aren’t really all that beautiful, the people she idealises – they are changed by surgery and covered in what is surely a pound of makeup. That is not something she should ever do, because it would not look good on her. She is ideal the way she is, and any change would make her be imperfect, impure.

But as long as she cares, she will never be free of the chains that bound her. She will always be stuck fighting a battle she cannot win, a battle that will leave her weary and broken. She cannot win until she sees herself the way she is – a beautiful girl trapped in a not-so-beautiful world.

  Continue reading

Submission: “Freedom” by Leora Karoly

This is a wonderful poem by Leora Karoly, age 16, about the inner freedom that we all need. It’s a great read for any circumstance. 



The world can make you

Crash and burn

Cuz no one gets

What they should earn

The world spins

While you stay still

You’re so confused Continue reading